At the heart of Cloud Terminals solution is a robust Cloud-based system, which allows for real-time monitoring and configuration of each kiosk. Our Linux-based kiosk software provides a secure and reliable solution. Being Cloud-based, there is no need to worry about server malfunction or storage limits.

We rapidly develop custom kiosk applications that perform the exact tasks for your company needs. All of the communication between the kiosks and the Cloud is secured with SSL.

Management panel allows for real-time status monitoring and kiosk configuration. It is incredibly easy and intuitive to manage your kiosks through the panel from any device anywhere in the world. Transaction reporting creates custom timeframe, application, and specific kiosk location reports. The map feature lets you see the status of your kiosks based on their location. Statistical data provides you with the performance information of each location and application. If certain kiosks are equipped with a cash acceptor, detailed information tells you how much cash is currently in each kiosk. If equipped with an additional advertisement monitor, changing the advertisement photo or video is easily done with a couple of clicks.